Who is Your God?

Who is your God ? In the commandments it says do not idolize other Gods therefor I ask the question again. Who is your God? Would you say Jesus Christ or a Jenner/Kardashian like figure. See you have mistaken the similarities which brought upon fame. You worship these people like they are the same. One walks among the people as if they were kings while the king walked with his people and healed the lame. One took our suffering and pain but people seem to be more concerned about a sex change. I don’t get it. Adoring these people for there lashes and nails. All the while Jesus adored you while he was receiving lashes and nailed to that cross. Blood mixed tears dripping from his face. He still had the heart to ask his father to forgive us for our hate and redeem us of our faith, as that was said they stabbed him in the waist. Oh, What a waste having all this unworthy money and fame without glorifying the father whom which it came. Hanging on a cross Jesus died for you and me. Hanging with the Kardashians these days seems to make you royalty. Our loyalty is misguided and wrongfully given. In the bible Jesus says walk with me when you are burnt out on religion but that’s hard to do when you are busy keeping up with how they are living. We are given the technology of mass media, but instead of exposing our true God we focus on our things. Who got a new whip and who got a bigger ring worst of all rocking a Christ head adding diamonds to make it bling. It’s funny how you wearing a Christ head but can’t remember a thing that he did for his kids. You are steady watching the throne without your eyes transfixed in who’s it really is. These days we are all about our looks when rightfully our bodies are his. Knowing some of y’all if jesus was here today you would take a selfie with his crucifix. I’m not going to just sit here and point fingers I too was just like that. Until the lord reached out and snatched me right back. Told me I belonged in his kingdom because that’s where home is. Next to the father eternally that’s where we shall live. when we believe in our hearts and confess with our mouths by the grace of God we are saved. Did you catch that? Like a rerun set up on your dvr saving your favorite episodes watching them over and over again. You’ve be come a slave. Turn off the idiot tube stop watching everything they do. Look at what he has already been done. For God so loved the world he sent his only begotten son. So that we can be rid of sin and not to be the forgotten one. 

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