The Christmas Spirit

Spend Christmas giving gifts to those who need it. The same way Jesus would have done. We are suppose to give gifts to our family all year long. Doesn’t mean expensive play stations. It’s more like things they truly need like clothing, work materials, education items to help better them. The three kings gave gifts to Jesus on the day of his birth. I don’t under stand why we receive gifts on his birthday it’s like receiving gifts on your cousins. We live to be more like Jesus on a daily basis why not do the same especially on Christmas. The money you were to spend on items that aren’t really needed that don’t truly benefit the person and it is something you can give throughout the year. Buy something someone truly can use. Do you know how many socks and warm clothing you can buy with an Xbox ? Enough to keep a few homeless people a little warmer durning those nights you add an extra blanket to go to sleep. The reality is we transformed the birth of Christ into a business where we show our love buy purchasing expensive gifts for family instead of doing what Jesus spent his whole life doing which is helping those who needed it. 

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