Please Hold the GMO

genetically modified |jəˈnetik(ə)lē ˈmädəˌfīd| (abbr.: GM) adjective

(of an organism or crop) containing genetic material that has been artificially altered so as to produce a desired characteristic: 
 Today we here the term GMO often especially when it comes to the produces we eat. So what exactly is GMO? Basically it is an organism that has been artificially altered to create the illusion to have certain characteristics it didn’t originally have. Think items like Corn or even chickens. These organisms were genetically modified to become larger in size so that it may seem more appealing to the consumer but in reality these products now lack substance. modifications to these items now compromised its nutritional purposes. in other words what you are now eating is no longer your quality source of minerals your body needs. 
 What if i were to tell you that we are the products of GMO abuse? What if i told you that you were created by a perfect God non the less in his image and throughout your life your souls were being injected with these artificial substances that made you believe you were something you are not. Who ever told you that you aren’t beautiful, Intelligent, articulate, talented, blessed, able, strong, a warrior of the almighty king they filled you with fake thoughts that spread through your brain cells into your bloodstream with no filter directly into your heart, like a cancer spread to every inch of you deteriorating your spirit, leaving your soul weak and empty of substance instead of finding healing in the lord, you find false strength in your weaknesses that only the enemy prescribes. Some of us look into clothing, or a new car to cure the pains of shattered self esteem when all the while God had the healing for us, as said in (psalm 37:5) jesus speaks on giving yourself to him and you will be freed from the evils of this world.

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