I found the solution

They say your greatest works of art come from the darkest places in your life. It’s like in order to create something wonderful, you have to first go through something tough in your life to be extra creative or dark and edgy. At least that’s how it is for me. When ever I’m going through a stretch of good times my mind doesn’t seem to care to think freely and wild instead it just wonders as it pleases but today I had an amazing day. Normally my mind would be blank but you make me want to write until my ink is finished or in this case until my cell phone battery dies then plug the charger in right before it shuts off so I can continue writing about how good you make me feel. There was a time where heartache was my friend that made words seemed endless. Now it’s the thought of you that makes my heart feel tremendous and the thoughts seem too big to fit into sentences, but you make them complete. You make me run on when I speak. I get lost in translation and yet your heart understands me. Even when I mutter words, stumbling like I have two left feet. You get me. You understand me, like a calculator does math. Your intelligence plus your smile equals the sexiest thing I have Ever seen. Although I do place God before you through him we will never be divided. I hope to never be a problem and only a solution. You will never have to question my love for you like I was a variable looking for a conclusion. You will never get fractions of me. You don’t have to settle for slices of pie making you think what comes after 3.14 It will always be never ending love like the text 143. I will love you for a life time, squared carry the 2 That is the equivalent of you being the one I want to spend eternity. 

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