There is a difference between a mistake and a choice. many time we justify our improper decision making with “ it was a mistake” its time that we take responsibility for our choices in life. know that something is not good for you or knowing what you are doing is wrong doesn’t make it a mistake it is a conscience choice that you made. How many times do we date someone we know doesn’t have our best interest for us yet we still answer their phone calls or say yes to hanging out with them. How many times do we choose to live a life of sin knowing that Jesus is the key so unlocking a life of happiness. How many times do we have to hurt the ones we love to make ourselves feel better. Here is a simple solution. Wake up with God, live with God and go to sleep with God on your mind, in your conversations and in your heart. I believe when we finally meet him he will bring up all the times we consciously made poor decisions. Choosing wrong over right. So next time you are about to do something you know is not correct think about the conversation you would have with God explaining yourself. Everyday work towards a better you. So today I look in the mirror and decided through God I will work to be a better me. 
God bless all. Love you and remember. You are forgiven and you are loved that’s what Jesus dying on the cross shows, but that doesn’t mean we should do as we feel in terms of hurting others. The joy of helping someone else is a blessed feeling that we all cheat ourselves out of every time we walk past someone who is truly in need. 

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