At My Expense 

It’s crazy how you could love me when I don’t love me. I go to sleep pep talking myself that tomorrow will be a better day, that I will start working toward my goals after realizing that I let another day slip right by me. It’s like I wake up with amnesia after I sabotage myself preventing any progress from occurring in my life. I heard misery loves company but it’s just me myself and I. Self inflicted wounds that are untraceable to the human eye, but cut deep into my mind and penetrate my soul. I am weak. No, really. I am so weak I’m barely holding myself together. I’m just moments away from crumbling to the floor closer to the enemies home. you can scatter my remains across the oceans water so I dissolve into nothing. There really isn’t much left of me anymore anyways he welcomes me, what ever is left of me into the gates of hell daily every time I open my eyes. This world has become his playground of strife and pain. He inserts his claws into my chest and rips out the love I had for humanity and replaces it with visions of people with zombie like features. No brains, no cares and no love. You treated my family like a scorned women treats a photo of her last boyfriend who cheated. You tear us apart and put us in flames, so I must of done wrong somewhere, Maybe in a past life. So I should pray forgiveness for my sins and get my act right. 

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