Who is Your God?

Who is your God ? In the commandments it says do not idolize other Gods therefor I ask the question again. Who is your God? Would you say Jesus Christ or a Jenner/Kardashian like figure. See you have mistaken the similarities which brought upon fame. You worship these people like they are the same. One walks among the people as if they were kings while the king walked with his people and healed the lame. One took our suffering and pain but people seem to be more concerned about a sex change. I don’t get it. Adoring these people for there lashes and nails. All the while Jesus adored you while he was receiving lashes and nailed to that cross. Blood mixed tears dripping from his face. He still had the heart to ask his father to forgive us for our hate and redeem us of our faith, as that was said they stabbed him in the waist. Oh, What a waste having all this unworthy money and fame without glorifying the father whom which it came. Hanging on a cross Jesus died for you and me. Hanging with the Kardashians these days seems to make you royalty. Our loyalty is misguided and wrongfully given. In the bible Jesus says walk with me when you are burnt out on religion but that’s hard to do when you are busy keeping up with how they are living. We are given the technology of mass media, but instead of exposing our true God we focus on our things. Who got a new whip and who got a bigger ring worst of all rocking a Christ head adding diamonds to make it bling. It’s funny how you wearing a Christ head but can’t remember a thing that he did for his kids. You are steady watching the throne without your eyes transfixed in who’s it really is. These days we are all about our looks when rightfully our bodies are his. Knowing some of y’all if jesus was here today you would take a selfie with his crucifix. I’m not going to just sit here and point fingers I too was just like that. Until the lord reached out and snatched me right back. Told me I belonged in his kingdom because that’s where home is. Next to the father eternally that’s where we shall live. when we believe in our hearts and confess with our mouths by the grace of God we are saved. Did you catch that? Like a rerun set up on your dvr saving your favorite episodes watching them over and over again. You’ve be come a slave. Turn off the idiot tube stop watching everything they do. Look at what he has already been done. For God so loved the world he sent his only begotten son. So that we can be rid of sin and not to be the forgotten one. 

I found the solution

They say your greatest works of art come from the darkest places in your life. It’s like in order to create something wonderful, you have to first go through something tough in your life to be extra creative or dark and edgy. At least that’s how it is for me. When ever I’m going through a stretch of good times my mind doesn’t seem to care to think freely and wild instead it just wonders as it pleases but today I had an amazing day. Normally my mind would be blank but you make me want to write until my ink is finished or in this case until my cell phone battery dies then plug the charger in right before it shuts off so I can continue writing about how good you make me feel. There was a time where heartache was my friend that made words seemed endless. Now it’s the thought of you that makes my heart feel tremendous and the thoughts seem too big to fit into sentences, but you make them complete. You make me run on when I speak. I get lost in translation and yet your heart understands me. Even when I mutter words, stumbling like I have two left feet. You get me. You understand me, like a calculator does math. Your intelligence plus your smile equals the sexiest thing I have Ever seen. Although I do place God before you through him we will never be divided. I hope to never be a problem and only a solution. You will never have to question my love for you like I was a variable looking for a conclusion. You will never get fractions of me. You don’t have to settle for slices of pie making you think what comes after 3.14 It will always be never ending love like the text 143. I will love you for a life time, squared carry the 2 That is the equivalent of you being the one I want to spend eternity. 

The Christmas Spirit

Spend Christmas giving gifts to those who need it. The same way Jesus would have done. We are suppose to give gifts to our family all year long. Doesn’t mean expensive play stations. It’s more like things they truly need like clothing, work materials, education items to help better them. The three kings gave gifts to Jesus on the day of his birth. I don’t under stand why we receive gifts on his birthday it’s like receiving gifts on your cousins. We live to be more like Jesus on a daily basis why not do the same especially on Christmas. The money you were to spend on items that aren’t really needed that don’t truly benefit the person and it is something you can give throughout the year. Buy something someone truly can use. Do you know how many socks and warm clothing you can buy with an Xbox ? Enough to keep a few homeless people a little warmer durning those nights you add an extra blanket to go to sleep. The reality is we transformed the birth of Christ into a business where we show our love buy purchasing expensive gifts for family instead of doing what Jesus spent his whole life doing which is helping those who needed it. 

Money over Everything?

To everyone who claims “money over everything” or “money is life” or anything relating to money being your main objective in life I am truly sorry that you haven’t found something that has more value then any dollar sign. Abundance of gold are only riches on earth as for an abundance of blessings are riches from God. That kind of treasures could never be measured or matched there fore it is priceless. So while you are slaves to the prices I’m growing more concerned with knowing who my Christ is. While dollars can get you through the day, my Gods grace is timeless. As you try to flood up your wrist and time piece. I remain focus on the kingdom of heaven until it’s my time for peace. I’m in love with love not fortune or greed. Take me I am yours God. Use me as you need.  

Please Hold the GMO

genetically modified |jəˈnetik(ə)lē ˈmädəˌfīd| (abbr.: GM) adjective

(of an organism or crop) containing genetic material that has been artificially altered so as to produce a desired characteristic: 
 Today we here the term GMO often especially when it comes to the produces we eat. So what exactly is GMO? Basically it is an organism that has been artificially altered to create the illusion to have certain characteristics it didn’t originally have. Think items like Corn or even chickens. These organisms were genetically modified to become larger in size so that it may seem more appealing to the consumer but in reality these products now lack substance. modifications to these items now compromised its nutritional purposes. in other words what you are now eating is no longer your quality source of minerals your body needs. 
 What if i were to tell you that we are the products of GMO abuse? What if i told you that you were created by a perfect God non the less in his image and throughout your life your souls were being injected with these artificial substances that made you believe you were something you are not. Who ever told you that you aren’t beautiful, Intelligent, articulate, talented, blessed, able, strong, a warrior of the almighty king they filled you with fake thoughts that spread through your brain cells into your bloodstream with no filter directly into your heart, like a cancer spread to every inch of you deteriorating your spirit, leaving your soul weak and empty of substance instead of finding healing in the lord, you find false strength in your weaknesses that only the enemy prescribes. Some of us look into clothing, or a new car to cure the pains of shattered self esteem when all the while God had the healing for us, as said in (psalm 37:5) jesus speaks on giving yourself to him and you will be freed from the evils of this world.


There is a difference between a mistake and a choice. many time we justify our improper decision making with “ it was a mistake” its time that we take responsibility for our choices in life. know that something is not good for you or knowing what you are doing is wrong doesn’t make it a mistake it is a conscience choice that you made. How many times do we date someone we know doesn’t have our best interest for us yet we still answer their phone calls or say yes to hanging out with them. How many times do we choose to live a life of sin knowing that Jesus is the key so unlocking a life of happiness. How many times do we have to hurt the ones we love to make ourselves feel better. Here is a simple solution. Wake up with God, live with God and go to sleep with God on your mind, in your conversations and in your heart. I believe when we finally meet him he will bring up all the times we consciously made poor decisions. Choosing wrong over right. So next time you are about to do something you know is not correct think about the conversation you would have with God explaining yourself. Everyday work towards a better you. So today I look in the mirror and decided through God I will work to be a better me. 
God bless all. Love you and remember. You are forgiven and you are loved that’s what Jesus dying on the cross shows, but that doesn’t mean we should do as we feel in terms of hurting others. The joy of helping someone else is a blessed feeling that we all cheat ourselves out of every time we walk past someone who is truly in need. 

At My Expense 

It’s crazy how you could love me when I don’t love me. I go to sleep pep talking myself that tomorrow will be a better day, that I will start working toward my goals after realizing that I let another day slip right by me. It’s like I wake up with amnesia after I sabotage myself preventing any progress from occurring in my life. I heard misery loves company but it’s just me myself and I. Self inflicted wounds that are untraceable to the human eye, but cut deep into my mind and penetrate my soul. I am weak. No, really. I am so weak I’m barely holding myself together. I’m just moments away from crumbling to the floor closer to the enemies home. you can scatter my remains across the oceans water so I dissolve into nothing. There really isn’t much left of me anymore anyways he welcomes me, what ever is left of me into the gates of hell daily every time I open my eyes. This world has become his playground of strife and pain. He inserts his claws into my chest and rips out the love I had for humanity and replaces it with visions of people with zombie like features. No brains, no cares and no love. You treated my family like a scorned women treats a photo of her last boyfriend who cheated. You tear us apart and put us in flames, so I must of done wrong somewhere, Maybe in a past life. So I should pray forgiveness for my sins and get my act right.